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Snip screenshots and dock them so you can refer to them while working. Installer sets up a shortcut on desktop to run the program. Example Usecase: While reading up something and you need to keep referring to an image

Requires at least .NET Framework 4.0 (Runs only on Windows)

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  • Snip Screen: snip whatever portion of the screen interests you.
  • Dock: This snipped image will be docked on a screen edge or as a floating popup.
  • Whatever be the size of the image, the dock will automatically adjust its size. When docked, no other program can encroach the space used by SnipDock, even if they are maximized.
  • You can zoom in or zoom out of the image by scrolling your mouse on the image.
  • Any image snipped will be automatically stored in your Pictures folder. So you could also use SnipDock just to snip screen and store the images.


  • In Action In Action
  • Float Mode Float Mode
  • Zoom In Zoom In

Create an issue here if you have any suggestions/problems.